Thursday, November 30, 2006

The institutional repository in the digital library

Edinburgh Research Archive : Item 1842/858

Title: The institutional repository in the digital library
Authors: MacColl, John
Jones, Richard
Andrew, Theo
Date of Issue: 2006
Publisher: Chandos (Oxford) Publishing Ltd
Citation: Jones, Richard., Andrew, Theo. and MacColl, John. The Institutional Repository. Oxford: Chandos Publishing , 2006.
Abstract: We begin by looking at the concept of institutional repositories within the broader context of digital libraries. ‘Digital libraries’ can mean many things, but we consider them to be libraries first and foremost, and built upon the enduring principles of information management which have lain at the heart of the practice of librarianship for hundreds of years. We look also at the significance of the qualification which defines the scope of this book – the institutional repository. Libraries are themselves repositories, and have always dealt in the management of repositories for their users. With libraries now routinely managing repositories of various types in digital format, what does it mean to qualify ‘repository’ with ‘institutional’?
ISBN: 1843341387 (paperback)
1843341832 (hardback)
Item Type: Book Chapter
Appears in Collections: Digital Library Division

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