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The Tapir: Adding E-Theses Functionality to DSpace

Edinburgh Research Archive : Item 1842/632

Title: The Tapir: Adding E-Theses Functionality to DSpace
Authors: Jones, Richard
Date of Issue: 2004
Publisher: Ariadne
Citation: Jones, R. (2004) 'The Tapir: Adding E-Theses Functionality to DSpace', Ariadne, Issue 41
Abstract: The Theses Alive Plugin for Institutional Repositories (Tapir) [1] has been developed at Edinburgh University Library [2] to help provide an E-Thesis service within an institution using DSpace [3]. It has been developed as part of the Theses Alive! [4] Project under funding from the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) [5], as part of the Focus on Access to Institutional Resources (FAIR) [6] Programme. This article looks at DSpace, the repository system initially developed by Hewlett-Packard and MIT and subsequently made available as a community-owned package. We discuss how this community driven open-source development method can work when third-party tools such as the Tapir are also involved, and what issues arise. One of the primary objectives is to introduce the Tapir in detail, explaining what has been developed and what relevance this has to E-Theses. There is also a very brief introduction to the UK-recommended E-Theses Metadata set. As a use case, we will look at th...
Item Type: Research Paper
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